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3 - St Paul's Church

A scene which interested the artist whatever the time of day or season of the year.



NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-00 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-01 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-02 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-03 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-04 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-05 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-06 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-07 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-08 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-09 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-10 NCO-Trail-St-Pauls-Church-11

Directions to Edward Street:

From the church, head along St Paul’s Street and take the first street on the right. You will now be walking down Edward Street – one which the artist painted often. At the trail board site, turn and look back and see how the street really is ‘crowned’ by the church.