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Spennymoor Town Hall

The John Kitson Archway in Spennymoor Town Hall is home to a wonderful display of the artist’s work uniquely set on backlit glass panels and the start of the Norman Cornish Trail.



NCO-Trail-Spennymoor-Town-Hall-01 NCO-Trail-Spennymoor-Town-Hall-02 NCO-Trail-Spennymoor-Town-Hall-03 NCO-Trail-Spennymoor-Town-Hall-04

Directions to Eddy's Fish Shop:

Head out of the John Kitson Archway onto the High Street and turn to your left. Walk up the street towards the roundabout and cross here, taking care to use the traffic median (strip in the middle of the road).

Turn first left beyond the North Eastern Hotel (now disused) into Clarence Street leading to Craddock Street. The trail board at this location is sited exactly where Eddy’s Fish Shop once stood.