Centenary: Durham University - KS5

Workshop: Norman Cornish: The Sketchbooks - Gallery visit and sketching workshop
Location: Palace Green Library, Durham University, Durham, DH1 3RN
Dates: Saturday 16th November – Sunday 23rd February 2020

Experience the heritage of County Durham through the sketchbooks of Norman Cornish.

Come on a tour of the galleries exploring the works of Norman Cornish, focusing on his life, inspirations and themes. This will be followed by an opportunity to practice some of Cornish’s artistic techniques in a facilitated sketching workshop.

The whole visit will be led by one of the 4schools team.

2 Hours (morning or afternoon session)


Age Range:
KS5 (6th Form / College)

Max. 30 pupils / workshop

Booking Contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel. 0191 3342993