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Feedback Comments From Norman Cornish - A Man of Destiny: Greenfield Arts

Below are a selection of comments received from visitors to the Norman Cornish Exhibition at Greenfield Arts.

"A thought provoking exhibition where Norman Cornish brings back many memories of “life as it used to be.” What a wonderful introductory talk!"

"Quite an amazing story! What an observer of life. Norman Cornish was a big influence on me and I remember reading Sid Chaplin’s ‘Leaping Lad’ in class at Woodham and thinking what great sketches by Norman. His art continues to inspire! A real artist!!"

"Brilliant exhibition. He comes across as a very personal and family / community man, not always portrayed in more formal gallery settings. Thank you"

"Touching to see such a personal side and his private art."

"This was a very effective way to show the determination of a man from humble and pit life. Artists drawings are amazing. Thank you"

"I have seen much of Norman Cornish’s work over the years. I love his paintings and it was interesting and quite sad to realise how difficult if must have been for him to finally branch out into fulltime artwork. His wife must have been a marvellous support to him."

"Excellent well-presented exhibition. A wonderful exhibition and memorial to his talent."

"Beautifully presented exhibition. I am a huge fan of Norman Cornish and his expectational talent."

"Great exhibition that makes art – quality art accessible to the fold who might not otherwise view."

"Excellent exhibition showing Norman’s talents brought back some lovely memories of growing up in Spennymoor. Wonderful record of Norman and his family, exceptional artist!"

"An absorbing collection of work and memorabilia, chronicling the great man’s life. Nicely compliments the other exhibitions, so far, commemorating this lovely lad, and his supportive family. Well done to Greenfield, the other galleries and institutions involved this year, but overall, congratulations to the Cornish family in ensuring Norman’s legacy is available to widely and comprehensively."

"A delight, to see some new things and to follow the chronicles of Norman’s fascinating life."

"Fantastic presentation, such a talent from humble beginnings."

"Really good exhibition, interesting facts and some lovely pictures confirming a great talent"

"A fascinating insight into a lifetime of producing art. I never cease to be impressed by his amazing talent and courage."

"Absorbing tribute to a great Durham man, the family and life. That letter from Stone gallery says it all about Norman."

"The exhibition flows beautifully and details well the artists journey."

"What an artist, wonderfully exhibited, thank you."

"This is so good! I must compliment whoever framed and hung this exhibition, so very well done. The frames and mounts really enhance these amazing works of art. Thank you "

Cornish Centenary

Throughout the centenary year, an interesting range of themed exhibitions is planned in order to commemorate Norman’s life and to celebrate his work.

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