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Palace Green Library - Norman Cornish Visitor Comments

The following comments are from visitors to the Norman Cornish exhibition in the Palace Green Library, Durham

'Inspirational… memories revisited. Well done the exhibition is first class.'

'Outstanding works of art.'

'Wonderful. Truly ‘A slice of life’'

'Really important exhibition concentrating on sketchbooks which shows the artist inner thoughts. Brilliant exhibition design team.'

'I feel so inspired to draw – create – sketch after seeing Norman’s sketchbooks. I was delighted to see rough sketches and workings out of colour and line. Truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing them. Many thanks.'

'A marvellous historic record by one of our most talented artists. Will never know his like again.'

'Lovely exhibition brought back memories of my father and I playing in the street.'

'Very impressive exhibition – truly inspirational! It inspires me to do more sketch work myself.'

'Inspirational…memories revisited well done. The exhibition is first class. Thank you.'

'Love Cornish’s work. He captures the movement and thoughts of his characters. Well presented exhibition. Well done D’ham Uni!'

'Sketches that resonate the precious history of the North. So good to see the skill and impression of a real artist.'

'To all. The work of N Cornish sums up the life experience for so many working class people in the N.East its relevance within a pictorial expression of the class struggle.'

'An absolutely fabulous exhibition. Brings back memories of my childhood.'

'The man is an absolute legend! Great art!'

'Brilliant sketches some even better than the finished paintings well worth the visit. Thank you.'

'Amazing – transported me into a world not encountered by me. Absolutely amazing.'