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Inspired by Cornish: The Man of Destiny Visitor Comments

Below are a selection of visitor comments from Inspired by Cornish: The Man of Destiny Exhibition

'A fascinating insight into a lifetime of producing art. We never cease to be impressed by his amazing talent and courage.'

'A really wonderful insight into what it takes to produce your art. The struggles, the cost (to you and your family) a real inspiration to anyone, we all have talent just do it and believe in ourselves. Thank you so much Norman.'

'The exhibition flows beautifully and details well the artists journey.'

'What an artist, wonderfully exhibited. Thank you' (Newcastle)

'This is so good ! I must compliment whoever framed and hung this exhibition so very well done. The frames and mounts really enhance these amazing works of art. Thank you.'(Newcastle)

'Brilliant and wonderfully presented. A real treat! Thank you' (Bishop Auckland)

'Fascinating story of an incredible talent overcoming modesty, inspiring' (Darlington)

'Good to see our history in pictures makes it even more real.'

'A wonderful exhibition of a wonderful artist. Real life caught forever in frames.'

'A trip down memory lane, I’ve found through these events, know some of the personalities, certainly the location. But it just shows History is going all around us all the time we are often unaware. Thank you so much for bringing the Exhibition to my attention and blessing me so much with “this trip down memory lane”'

'Beautifully arranged exhibition which tells a new aspect of Cornish’s work. The photographs compliment the work beautifully. Congratulations to all concerned.'

'Fascinating insight into the genius that rose from the depths of mining to create some moving artwork. Thank you.'

'Pleased I made the effort to find this place. As the information is very interesting, all the dates and events, the 1961 Stone Gallery encouraging letter. The crucifixion on a piece of Radio Times reminds me of a large painting done (later?) by someone else, shown in Bowes Museum Mining Art exhibition a few years ago – very thought provoking. Lovely sketches of his family. Good to see photographs of Norman at work. Hope a similar exhibition will be here in the years to come. Thank you for putting the exhibition together for us all.' (Westwick)

'What a lovely exhibition. It is good to know that Norman did become aware what a great and appreciated artist he was while he was still alive. A humble man who had a great talent. Long may his works be exhibited and loved. The Crucifixion picture is stunning as is the portrait of Ann his daughter.'

'A very good compliment to the other exhibitions, giving more insight into his life at home and in the workplace(s). Some very moving sketches of his family and friends. The drawings done on newspaper etc show what can be done with very limited materials.' (Durham)

'Miner artist. Major talent.'

'Only just discovered the talents of Norman Cornish and what a talent he was. Very inspiring and will be enthusiastically spreading the word amongst others who are unaware of this great humble man.'

'Makes you feel proud to be from the North East – so many obstacles to overcome, - prejudice, poverty, class. Sorry to say the arts are under attack in schools and the community through austerity. Heartening to be at Greenfields and see the place thriving. Young people need hope! Keep up the good work.'

'Fabulous exhibition – wonderful opportunity to see some of his sketches and paintings that are normally in Private Collections. He was an inspiration both as a man and as an artist - …… from sad circumstances and ….. enduring a tough existence down the pit without losing sight of his dream, or his sense of humour.'

'Thank you to all who put this excellent exhibition together. Sad to hear of the ‘art snobbery’ Norman suffered from at certain times – his work and his growing reputation far outshine all of that. One of the greatest British artists to be sure.'

'Wonderful exhibition a very talented man!' (Australia)

Cornish Centenary

Throughout the centenary year, an interesting range of themed exhibitions is planned in order to commemorate Norman’s life and to celebrate his work.

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