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Town Hall Gallery

We are delighted to receive the support of Spennymoor Town Council to develop The Norman Cornish Room at The Bob Abley Gallery.

The Town Council has their own private collection of some of Norman’s works which will be supplemented by works from the Permanent Collection from Northumbria University to create a first class exhibition. The display will be enhanced with the addition of some of Norman’s sketch books and a selection of very rare TV documentaries produced during the 50s and 60s. We also hope to display an interesting  selection of  Norman’s character drawings produced in the local community which will be of interest to both visitors and local people who may identify relatives from previous generations.


The gallery at Spennymoor Town Hall is an ideal venue, easy to locate, accessible, and with ample parking to the rear. The Mining Museum is in the same building and along with the proposed trail then Spennymoor in time may become an interesting destination for visitors from many parts of the UK.


All of these developments complement the simultaneous development at Beamish Museum where plans are at an advanced stage to re-create Norman’s home at 33 Bishop’s Close Street as part of the creation of a 1950s town.