The Test of Time

The Test of Time: A new book about the life and work of Norman Cornish

For over 50 years we spent many hours in conversation with Norman, listening as he shared highlights of his life and work. This enabled an insight to a rich source of historical moments and anecdotes. The stories behind his work were revealed to provide unrivalled access to a slice of art history. ‘The Test of Time’ collates the stories behind the pictures, the legacy projects, and a collection of informed essays from nationally respected arts and cultural specialists who have known and enjoyed Cornish’s work throughout their own lifetimes including:

Michael Chaplin, Melvyn Bragg, Andrew Festing MBE, Dr Robert McManners OBE, Gillian Wales, Steve Swallow, Chris Lloyd, Dr Steve Howell, Dr keith Wilson, Pam Royle & Dr Cesar Lengua.

The Test of Time’ includes over 400 images spanning the depth and breadth of his career. Many are previously unseen and are published here for the first time, evoking memories and nostalgia from a bygone era.

Mike & Ann Thornton (nee Cornish)

Price: £30.00

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